Selasa, 26 Juli 2016

warm-up-post - I have a new name

hohohoho, it is very long time not posting in this blog. the latest post was almost two years ago. actually this blog is intended to post what I have learned in college but not from class. But because im no longer in the college (actually still, currenly im taking my master in business management, but i cant do all i want to do like in my bachelor degree L) I will be posting everything i think need to remember.

the other reason to start posting again is because i just gave this blog new name ( ,but still you can access the old uri on hahaha :D

Ok, enough for this warm-up-post, i will be posting another post very soon.

see ya..

Selasa, 10 November 2015

Thanks! We will be becoming friends forever.

Sunday 10.10.2015 10AM
After long time, finally I got phone call from my beloved one, the one who cared on me so much, the one who helped me to coped all campus life, the one often inside my pray, the one I trust the most, the one supported me in every moment I had, the one I often shared story with.
 I thought it would be a miss-call, cause we havent talked for some long time. But, that was the farewell call from her to me.
Dear you, thanks so much, Im happy to ever know you, to ever be allowed to care to more other than the others. Hope that man can be better than me :)

Below just a spam story, so dont read anything further!!!

We all have story, writing this to become things to remember in my life, YES this ever happened in my life.

First time we met at july 2010, we studied together as classmate in super cools class "Sistem Informasi 3, IT Telkom Bandung". this is the first photo I had togther. as I rmember, this was a break-fasting event, not long after we completed our new student orientation. Looks, bald-boys were everywhere!!!

03-09-2010, Bandung

We start knowing each other better, I know she is a good, clever person, and still i believe that mother will impact at the most for the next generation life. Mother, mother, mother, father; that is the belief thaught in my belief.

in April 26, 2011 we get class photo session together.

after about one year knew her, in may 25, 2011 I decided to asked her to become someone special in my life. that was my very first time to do thing like that. Magically she said yes. maybe now she regret this decison. hahahaha
this moment had motivated me to become the better person. Looks she had perfect GPA 4 for first semester. fortunatelly I also get the same. the problem was the subject in 1st year is a thing I never learnt in the vocational high school; physic, Integral1, Integral2, discrete mathematic. That was really really challenging time. Fortune still on me, i can pass 1st year with perfect GPA, but she got 3.75 because of 2 B's in economic and telecomunication subject, i know those are not the subjects taught in high school. yeayyyy

campus life went on, i decided to join in prodase laboratory, I left the other organization just to join this laboratory. in may 2011 also, I got accepted with my other 10 friends. this May 2011 was really a good month for me.

in 2012, she also applied as assistant is prodase. I knew she is better than the others, and yes she got accepted. sooo. now both of us belong to same organization. and yes we can spend a lot of time together.

2013, this is the year we started our final project (means we would leave this campus soon). We decided to become a partener for the final project. .........

2104, i didnt have any good mood to finish the project, "when we finish than we have to leave" this was a main reason for my bad mood. But its different for her, She really had a good enthusiasm to finish the project. I think more than 60% of project was done by her.

August 16, 2014, finally we had grduation ceremony together. that was my first time I met with her big family.

Once again, Thank you so much for your time, trust, friedship and love.
I know you are a good person, never making a decision before had long consideration.
thank to be honest with me, that you back with your friend from high school, aprreciate so much.
Thanks so much NNH. :)

yea, we still a best friend like you said.

Minggu, 12 Januari 2014

Load Balancing Using Httpd2.4 with tomcat instance as Web Server

Load balancing is a computer networking method for distributing workloads across multiple computing resources, such as computers, a computer cluster, network links, central processing units or disk drives. Load balancing aims to optimize resource use, maximize throughput, minimize response time, and avoid overload of any one of the resources. Using multiple components with load balancing instead of a single component may increase reliability through redundancy.

Here is the load balancing scenario in my lab,

  • Apache httpd 2.4 will be use as load Balancer
  • Apache Tomcat 1 will be use as web server 1
  • Apache Tomcat 2 will be use as web server 2

Setting up httpd2.4 as load balancer
Before beginning we have to download the Httpd2.4 that we will use as load balancer. You can download it here.
--> extract it in the specific directory
After that, we will need a connector ( so Apache httpd2.4 can connect to tomcat instance. You can download it here.
--> copy it to [Apache Installation dir]\modules\
The next step is about configuring "httpd.conf" that located in [Apache Installation dir]\ conf\httpd.conf
--> Add this line to that file
here is the slide of my presentation in my college about Load Balancing, download it.
here is the complete project about my load balancing, download it.

Sabtu, 28 Desember 2013

Basic tips for Secure Browsing

1. Never keep same password for different services you use online like gmail , facebook, bank accounts etc.,
2. Use multiple accounts so that you dont get spams in your personal/ official email address.
3. Install good Antivirus and Two way firewall.
4. Use VPN for hiding identity and secure browsing when using internet out of your home.
5. Update your OS, Antivirus, Firewall and Browsers regularly.
6. Install a good spyware & Adware scanner .
7. Never provide personal information openly in public websites. Share your information carefully.
8. Never click on unwanted or suspiicious links. It may be hacking attempt.
9. Change your passwords regularly to increase the security of your daily actiivities.


Rabu, 25 Desember 2013

How to reveal saved asterisk password in the browser without any tool

What do you want to do when you open the web browser and then find a page with saved credential like this?
Do you want to know that saved password? :D

well, here is few step to reveal that asterisk password without any tools:
1. Right click on the saved password and then choose inspect element

2. Find text "<input type='password' name='bla bla bla >"
3. Change "type='password'" to "type='text'"

4. Enter
5. Now you can reveal the asterisk password

Next question, how to avoid this happening?
to avoid this happening you can do this things,
1. If there are anyone else that can use your computer, never save your password when your browser ask you to save the password.

2. if you really the one that can use your computer don't forget to lock your computer when you leave it. The simplest way if you can Windows OS you can press (Windows + L) to lock your computer.

-Your awareness is your computer security key- :)

How to know the real extension of a file?

In computer forensic challenge we usually work with a file with no extension like the file in red rectangle below
The next question, how we can know the real extension of those files?
If you want to know the real extension of those files the first thing you can do is check the "file signature" from those files.
what is file signature?
 a file signature is data used to identify or verify the content of a file. In particular, it may refer to:
  • File magic number: bytes within a file used to identify the format of the file; generally a short sequence of bytes (most are 2-4 bytes long) placed at the beginning of the file (wikipedia)
     1 byte = 8 bits = 2 Hex
     2 - 4 bytes = 4-8 hex
to know the "file signature" a file the first thing you can do is check the hex value of that file (because most of file signature is stored as hex value on database),
to do this you can follow this steps:
1. download this tool "HxD Editor"
2. after download, just install and open it.

3. open the file you want to know the real extension (click menu File --> Open)

4. copy first 4-8 hex value from HxD Editor
in example we copy first 6 digit Hex value : FF D8 FF
5. find file signature database in internet, like this one
the other file signature database:
6. rename the file with real extension

ta daaaa :)
For your exercise please find the right extesion for "Mocca" file :D
this is the file that you can download.

Jumat, 27 September 2013

Tahapan Instalasi Active Directory pada Windows Server 2008 R2

Active Directory adalah layanan directory yang terdapat pada system operasi server. Active Directory terdiri atas basis data dan juga layanan directory. Active Directory menyediakan sarana untuk mengelola identitas dan hubungan yang membentuk organisasi. Active Directory yang ada pada Windows Server 2008 R2 menyediakan berbagai fungsi untuk melakukan konfigurasi yaitu: administarasi system, pengguna (user), group, computer, dan pencarian directori. Active Directory juga memberikan cara untuk mengelola credential untuk mengizinkan pengguna yang sah yang dapat mengakses baik itu perangkat aplikasi maupun data.

Untuk lebih lengkapnya silakan download paper berikut ini :
  1. Paper versi Nunung
  2. Paper versi Herdi